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Our Brand Collective

We have direct relationships with each brand we carry. That’s why we call them “Brand Partners”. Each Brand Partner is part of what we call our “Brand Collective”.

Each of our Brand Partners’ products can be found in the Sea King Marketplace. They are also featured on each Partner’s own brand page. This gives them the opportunity to communicate an unfiltered message of their brand identity, brand value, and company mission directly to you. You can click on the links below to go right to each Brand Partner’s page.

Nirvalla: A well-respected CBD formulator/wholesaler known for creating premium quality CBD products.

Nirvalla offers safe, pure, powerful products that stand up to any other brand in the market.

Fido Therapy: Pet CBD tinctures and treats that use natural and organic ingredients to create safe and effective CBD products for your furry friends.

These products are also for cats and other pets.

Nesa’s Hemp: The highest quality CBDa tincture available. Nesa’s proprietary extraction method yields CBDa that’s been tested to be 1000x more potent than most other CBD tinctures in the marketplace. Available in 170mg, 500mg, and 1000mg strengths.

LG’s Feel Good: This brand was specifically formulated for former pro football running back LeGarrette Blount. These products are marketed to those with active lifestyles who need a CBD solution for physical and mental relief. LG’s Feel Good offers gummies, pain cream, roll-ons, patches, and balms.

RestorativeCBD: A Medically Assisted CBD brand backed by practitioner Charlie Piermarini, PA-C, MSPAS, MS, MPH, who has a thriving family medicine and pain management practice in Phoenix, AZ. After noticing that some of his patients who used CBD tested positive for THC, he decided it was time to create a safe CBD brand his patients could trust. 

BDSC: Lovingly hand-crafted CBD bath bombs, analgesic balms, and other CBD products that use essential oils and natural ingredients in their formulas.

These products make fantastic gifts for someone special. Check out the new Busy Bee bath bombs.

Trilogy Fungi: Our newest Brand Partner makes premium quality mushroom tinctures using their dual-extraction process.

Because Trilogy Fungi products do not contain CBD, we sell their Immune Shield, Fountain Of Youth, and Lion’s Mind tinctures in specially priced combo packs with one of our most potent Full Spectrum CBD tinctures to deliver the health benefits that both offer.

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