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A Warm Welcome

If you are a new visitor to Sea King CBD, we want to extend a big “HELLO” to you. We’re happy you found us and hope your experience is everything we mean for it to be. If you’re one of our current customers, “welcome back”. That must mean we’re doing things right. We are very grateful for your business. Some of you may be wondering just who or what Sea King CBD is.

How It Started

We took a long look at the CBD industry and honestly what we saw was a crowded, confusing marketplace. But we also saw opportunity.

      1. We knew there was room for a company that offered the best products at the best possible prices.
      2. We also knew there was room for a company that would put the needs of their customers first, by delivering world-class service and support.
      3. We also saw a need for basic, straight forward CBD education, without overdoing it. We did our research and put together four articles that cover just about everything you need to know about CBD.

After considering the challenges of starting up a new company in these ever changing times, (and against many odds) we decided to go for it. 

Our Name and Identity

Some find our name curious. It’s a play on words. Did you catch the double entendre? Sea King CBD — Seeking CBD. Get it?  We hope it helps everyone remember us. We also wanted something that tied into water.

The trident of Poseidon, King of the Sea, overlaid on the “waves” is a reminder to how important water is to all of us. “Hey, without water, we don’t exist and neither will hemp, right?” 

A Confusing CBD Marketplace

It’s challenging to be different in a world of “me too” CBD-tailers. One site tends to look the same as the other, products seem similar, and most online markets offer policies that seem similar.

      • Which CBD product will be best for me?
      • What are the differences in each brand and each formula?
      • What separates a good brand and a good product from poor ones?
      • What are the differences between Isolate, Broad Spectrum, and Full Spectrum products?
      • How do you know you’re getting the best quality and best value for your money?

We can understand why anyone might be confused. Sea King CBD seeks to be different. 

We Do The Shopping For You

We spent a lot of time researching different brands and their products. We analyzed our competition. And we spent considerable time identifying what brands we wanted to purchase. Before we could consider a brand it had to meet a few requirements:

      • Quality: CBD products made in the US from premium hemp grown in the US
      • Safety and Purity: Products must be 3rd party tested for safety and purity
      • Quality Extraction: Gold-standard, CO2 extraction methods
      • Wholesale Purchasing: Must offer great wholesale pricing

We didn’t want to limit our customers to one brand. At the same time we didn’t want to overwhelm or potentially confuse them with dozens of brands. Instead, we put together a carefully created product mix that offers our customers a variety of brands, different strengths, and several types of CBD products. Each brand has a purpose for being in our mix. More on this later.

100% Peace of Mind Guarantee

This is our 8 point promise to you. It shows that we put the needs of our customers first. 

You can buy with complete confidence because all of your purchases are backed by our 100% Peace of Mind promise.

Buy With Confidence

Reliable: We buy our own inventory and ship out customer orders from our own warehouse. That means fast, accurate shipments. It also helps us keep costs down. 

Experienced: Our team has decades of customer support experience from years in retail. We understand how to take care of each and every customer the right way. As a former buyer for specialty and large box retailers, our founder has years of buying experience, which gives us unique insight into how to spot the best products at the best values.

Knowledgeable: Our team has been involved in the CBD industry for over 10 years. We also have over a decade of health and wellness industry experience. Sea King CBD consults with experts who have deep CBD knowledge when necessary.

Trust: We are open and transparent. Because we put the needs of our customers first you always buy with confidence. Check out our customer support programs at the end of this page. Links to our policies are in the footer. We don’t hide them.

Our Brand Collective

We have direct relationships with each brand we carry. That’s why we call them “Brand Partners“. Each Brand Partner is part of what we call a “Brand Collective“. Each of our Brand Partners’ products can be found in the Sea King Marketplace. They are also featured on each Brand Partners’ own brand pages. This gives them the opportunity to communicate an unfiltered message of who they are, what they do, company mission, and anything else they want to communicate to our visitors and customers. Below is a quick summary of each Brand Partner. Click on the links to go right to each of their pages.

Nirvalla: A well-respected CBD formulator/wholesaler known for creating premium quality CBD products. Nirvalla offers safe, powerful products that stand up to any other brand in the market.

Fido Therapy: Pet CBD tinctures and treats that use natural and organic ingredients to create safe and effective CBD products for your furry friends. These products are also for cats and other pets.

Nesa’s Hemp: The highest quality CBDa tincture available. Nesa’s proprietary extraction method yields CBDa that’s been tested to be 1000x more potent than most other CBD tinctures in the marketplace. Available in 170mg, 500mg, and 1000mg strengths.

LG’s Feel Good: This brand was specifically formulated for former pro football running back LeGarrette Blount. These products are marketed to those with active lifestyles who need a CBD solution for physical and mental relief. They offer gummies, pain cream, roll-ons, patches, and balms.

RestorativeCBD: A Medically Assisted CBD brand backed by practitioner Charlie Piermarini, PA-C, MSPAS, MS, MPH, who has a thriving family medicine and pain management practice in Phoenix, AZ. After noticing that some of his patients were using CBD, but were testing positive for THC, he decided it was time to create a safe CBD brand his patients could trust. 

BDSC: Lovingly hand-crafted CBD bath bombs, analgesic balms, and other CBD products that use essential oils and natural ingredients in their formulas. These products make fantastic gifts. Check out the new Busy Bee bath bombs.

Trilogy Fungi: Trilogy Fungi crafts premium quality mushroom tinctures using their dual-extraction process. Because Trilogy Fungi products do not contain CBD, we sell their Immune Shield, Fountain Of Youth, and Lion’s Mind tinctures in specially priced combo packs with one of our most potent Full Spectrum CBD tinctures to deliver the health benefits that both offer.

Goldmine Mushrooms: Goldmine  specializes in powdered adaptogenic mushrooms focused on helping relieve stress and boosting immunity. Simply stir their powders into just about any drink—coffee, smoothies, tea, water and enjoy the many benefits of their products. Purchase options include a large 8oz. bag, a box of 10 single packets, or single packets.

UMBO: What happens when two elite, professional athletes and a natural medicine advocate get together to unearth the all-natural potential of functional mushrooms? UMBO happens! Unlike some other mushroom products, UMBO uses the entire mushroom – the fruiting body and the mycelium (the root structure). Some believe this offers the most potent combination. Experience their energy bars and triple extraction method tinctures for yourself.

Customer Programs

Because Sea King CBD puts the needs of their customers first, nurturing long-term customer relationships is very important to us. Our customer programs are a component of how we support our customers.

We invite you to click on each of our programs below to read a brief summary of them. Additional details can be found at the provided links and on our program and policies pages.

We’re always looking to improve and in fact, are working on some new programs that will be created to help support our customers even more. We’ll announce them as soon as they’ve been activated.

Peace of Mind Guarantee

We want you to be 100% delighted with your purchases. If for some reason you aren't, let us know and we'll find a way to make things right even if we have to give you a refund. Shop with complete "Peace of Mind" when you buy from Sea King CBD.

Best Price Guarantee

Our Brand Partners give us great deals. Coupled with the quality of their products we're sure you'll find the value of the products we offer more than fair. We do our best to keep an eye on market prices and trends, but we can't be everywhere. That's where you come in.

If you find the same brand or similar product(s) for a lesser price, let us know the price and where you saw the product. When we confirm the price and availability we'll match or even beat the price, as long as the product is the same brand or comparable. If a brand we carry is offering a special deal, we'll match that too. It's that simple.

Free Shipping

Many of our competitors offer free shipping, but there are conditions attached to it. For instance, customers must order over a specific amount of money to get free shipping. At Sea King CBD shipping is always FREE. It's one of our ways to say, "Thanks for being our customer."

CBD Education

CBD education is a primary pillar of our business model. CBD is new to many people and there is a lot of confusing information out there. How do you know what to believe? We've been directly involved in the CBD business for quite awhile. During that time we've had the pleasure of working with medical experts who focus on CBD. One of them, Charlie Piermarini (PA-C, MSPAS, MS, MPH, CHC) has written very informative book titled, "What is CBD?: CBD Education From A Medical Professional".  We want to share as much information on CBD with as possible. We want you to be completely comfortable with our website and products. That's why we want all of our customers to have the information they need to make informed buying decisions.  

We are dedicated to communicating accurate information to our customers. We will always do our best to stay on top of the latest developments in the world of CBD. As soon as we find out something new, we'll pop it into our dynamic FAQ page that is updated on a frequent basis. We may even write a blog article about it if we think it would be worthwhile.

In the future, we are planning on more ways to share information with you on CBD including the creation of a newsletter, having podcasts, and even doing some live streaming. And of course, you can always email us and ask a question. We'll get back to you within 48 hours (not counting weekends and holidays). And soon we'll be offering the option to have a chat session. 

Loyalty Program

We reward your loyalty by awarding you points every time you make a purchase. There are loads of ways for you to earn points. Visit our "Customer Loyalty Rewards" page and check them out.

Special Discounts

We support our military, first responders, and those who want CBD products but need a little support to get them.

The first step is to contact us. You can see a list of discounts here.

We Care

We believe in causes and helping others. Two causes at the top of our list are water preservation and conservation, and homelessness. We created an initiative that brings some awareness to the impact of pollution in our oceans. We call it our "Water T Project".

We Plan To Donate

Sometime in May, we will be selling t-shirts printed on 100% cotton using eco-friendly inks with compelling water-themed drawings created by artist Steven Jay Athanas. We plan on donating 75% of the profits from Water T sales to non-profit organizations that are involved in cleaning up our oceans and shorelines. We will be making an announcement with more details sometime in August.

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