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Hand-Crafted CBD Products

BDSC, has been hand-crafting bath bombs, body care, and pain management products since 2016. A visit to Lush Cosmetics convinced Owner/Founder Blythe Moser to begin formulating bath bombs, body care, and pain management products that use essential oils, Broad Spectrum CBD oil, and CBD Isolate in their formulas.

Since that time, BDSC has lovingly created custom CBD body care products for several spas and retail stores. Sea King CBD is pleased to add BDSC products to our growing family of CBD brand partners.

CBD Products With Purpose

Blythe had been researching industrial hemp and its many positive and diverse attributes in the early 2000’s. She became fascinated with the many qualities of hemp from its industrial value to its nutritional value as a top 10 ‘superfood’ seed.

A Breakthrough

Blythe created a CBD hand soak as a Christmas gift for her mother, who was suffering from osteoarthritis, in 2018. “Mom’s fingers were curled in and her joints were painful and inflamed”, she said. “I got a bowl of warm water, added the CBD hand soak, and had my mom soak her hands in it. After a few moments we were amazed to notice that the swelling had gone down”, continued Blythe.

Since that time her mom has continued using the hand soak along with daily CBD oil rubs to keep the pain and swelling at bay. “Mom was able to resume activities that osteoarthritis had prevented her from doing like cooking. That’s when I knew I had to do things in a bigger way.”

Top 10 Super Seeds


Here’s what customers are saying about BDSC’s Analgesic Pain Balm. Technically, the term “analgesic” refers to a medication that provides relief from pain without putting you to sleep or making you lose consciousness. The formula of organic ingredients, essential oils, and Broad Spectrum CBD, which some studies show has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, promotes pain relief. 

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