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Tasty Plant Magic

Ease stress, boost immunity, and feel better all day, every day.

Amazing powdered blends of adaptogenic mushrooms and herbs that can be swirled into just about anything.

About Goldmine Mushrooms

Certified Organic, Grown Sustainably, and Potent

Goldmine is passionate about sustainable and fair labor sourcing. All their ingredients are potent, certified organic, and grown sustainably using regenerative practices in their natural environments.

Goldmine’s mushrooms are fruiting body, grown on wood, dried in the sun, and rich in beta-glucans.


Goldmine’s ashwagandha is grown on a small farm in Oregon.

The Astragalus is grown by a coop of small farmers in the mountains of China who are passionate about land stewardship.

Goldmine mushrooms are grown by leading farmers in the fungi world that bring together rigorous testing and natural/organic growing practices.


Goldmine is a woman-founded, modern wellness brand based in Northern California. They create functional blends of organic, sustainably sourced herbs and super mushrooms that help you think, create, move, and feel your best all day, every day.

Born From Burnout

Born out of their own burnout, Goldmine was searching for natural ways to manage stress. They discovered adaptogens—but thought they could create something different from other products on the market. Goldmine wanted something that spoke to their lifestyles, was easier on the body, and tasted great. So, they created Goldmine! They collaborated with herbalists to perfect their everyday adaptogen blends that support the immune system, mood, focus, gut health, energy, endurance, and longevity.

Mixes Into Just About Anything

Goldmine believes that sharing these tools for melting stress and supporting health will not only help people feel better, but also find more capacity for what they love.

Let’s share the healing goodness of this #tastyplantmagic powder, one scoop at a time.

Mushroom Powder
Mushroom supplements

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Adaptogenic Mushrooms

Promotes Longevity

Support Healthy Immunity

Supports Mental Clarity

Balance Hormones

Digestive Health

Feel More At East


USDA Organic

This herb has a long history of being held to the highest regard. It’s known to promote longevity, support healthy immunity, balance hormones, energy, mental clarity, and digestive health. It’s an overall calming herb to help the body feel more at ease.

Grown on wooden logs, outdoors, then sun dried, Goldmine’s reishis live a good life and bring you all their beta-glucan goodness with 45% beta-glucan concentration.

Benefits Immune System

Benfits Gastrointestinal

Rich In Antioxidants




USDA Organic

This mushroom benefits the immune system, gastrointestinal system, is rich in antioxidants, is antimicrobial, and antiviral.

Goldmine proudly partners with a locally operated Chaga purveyor who sources chaga that is sustainably harvested in the forests of Alaska (by foragers who have been doing this for generations). It’s then brought here to San Francisco and taken through a 16 step where the chitin wall is broken down but kept at low temperatures, reserving all nutrients. Making it bioavailable and potent. It couldn’t get any better than this.

Special flour-grade powder is grounded exclusively for Goldmine producing the finest powder around, truly.

Highly Antioxidant

Utilize Oxygen Efficiently

May Regulate Testosterone

May Help Regulate Cortisol

May Support Respiratory

Aids In Detoxification


USDA Organic

Cordyceps originates from high elevations in the Himalayan mountains and typically grows on caterpillars. We use cordyceps that is vegan and organically grown.

Highly antioxidant, and helps the body utilize oxygen more efficiently. Cordyceps may help to regulate testosterone and cortisol. It may support the respiratory system, nervous system, cardiovascular system, liver, kidneys, and aid in detoxification.

Goldmine cordyceps has a 25% beta-glucan concentration.

CBD CBG CBN products for sleeping


Goldmine’s founder, Rachael, and co-owner, Nali source all their own ingredients. This is where much of their passion lies in the business. They are always on the hunt for the most potent and naturally grown ingredients to use in our formulas.

Rachael and Nali care deeply about what they put into their bodies, the health of the environment, and the quality of their herbs. Goldmine’s ingredients will always be organic, processed so the herbs are bioavailable, and grown sustainably.

Sourcing partners share our values of regenerative farming & sustainability practices and Goldmine is happy to pay more for these higher quality herbs.

Added Nutrients

Weight Management

Healthy Glowing Skin

Joint Support

Immune Support

Inflammation Relief


Goldmine includes rosehip in the “Stress Support” blend for its Vitamin C content, which makes the mushrooms more bioavailable. This way the body can absorb as much benefit as possible. Rosehip is also great for weight management, healthy glowing skin, joint support, immune support, inflammation relief, and cardiovascular health.

Healthy Sweetner

Helps Protect Cells

Protect Against Type 2


Due to lucuma’s sweet taste, it’s used as a healthier alternative to table sugar and other popular sweeteners. 

Lucuma contains a variety of antioxidants, which are powerful compounds that help protect your cells from damage caused by highly reactive molecules called free radicals. It may offer some protection against type 2 diabetes, may offer some protection against heart disease, likely due to its polyphenol content. Polyphenols are beneficial plant compounds thought to protect against high blood pressure and heart disease.

Supports Immune System

Stress Management 

Supports Hormone Balance



Ashwagandha is a traditional Ayurvedic herb. It supports the immune system, energy (by supporting the thyroid), concentration, stress management, and hormone balance. Great for anxiety and insomnia.

We proudly source our ashwagandha from a biodynamic and organic farm here in the US, where it’s grown with the utmost love and attention to farm biodiversity and sustainability. It’s harvested once a year in January and processed to order.

Supports Immune System


Highly Antioxidant

Cardiovascular Support


Astragalus supports the immune system, energy levels, is antiviral, and highly antioxidant. This herb supports the cardiovascular system, and is best taken on a regular basis to feel the benefits.

Read Jason Seeber’s (Goldmine) blog article about how adaptogenic mushrooms have the potential to aid PTSD symptoms.

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