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CBDa Advantages

  • ACS Labs out of Sun City Center Florida, has established Nesa’s Hemp as the Gold Standard for all hemp-based tinctures
  • CBDa is the bioactive, parent compound found in living hemp
  • CBDa has tested to be 1000 times more potent than CBD in the brain serotonin system via 5HT-1A receptors
  • CBD oil “tinctures.” the acidic cannabinoids are the most widely  absorbed cannabinoids, especially CBDa

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CBDa Benefits

Promotes Better Sleep

  • End those sleepless nights!
  • Wake up feeling rested and refreshed
  • Have the energy to tackle your days

Reduces Chronic Aches/Pains

  • Say goodbye to that tired, achy body
  • Get back to doing what you love
  • Rediscover the joy of an active life

Helps Stabilize Moods

  • Enjoy a better, more stable mood
  • Fight feelings of overwhelm
  • Strengthen ties with friends and family

Improves Digestion

  • Banish embarrassing gas and painful bloating
  • Feel more energetic all day long
  • Boost your body’s ability to fight illness

Eases Mental Tension

  • Cope with the challenges of a busy life
  • Think more clearly and do better at work
  • Give your memory a boost

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