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Charlie Piermarini

Since he was young, Charlie Piermarini has had a passion for medicine and people. During the summers, while an undergrad at The University of Arizona, he would work as an EMT at a summer camp serving both children and adults with special needs. Through these life-changing experiences, he knew he had to pursue his passion for medicine. He continued his education and graduated with a master’s degree in Physiology from The University of Arizona. He was able to publish his thesis paper in the American Journal of Physiology-Heart and Circulatory Physiology.

Charlie then attended the Touro University of California, where he completed a dual Master’s of Science in Physician Assistant Science (MSPAS) and Public Health (MPH). He moved back to Arizona, where he practiced family medicine and then moved into pain management. While practicing pain management, he noticed an increase in the use of CBD with his patients. Some were getting benefits, and some were positive for THC when the bottle stated 0% THC, indicating either incorrect labeling or the wrong products.

After years of research and experience, Charlie decided to start RestorativeCBD to ensure his patients had quality Hemp-based CBD products he could trust.  He is the author of a letter to the editor of The Pain and Therapy Journal regarding the need for more quality CBD products; it can be accessed here.

As we continue to strive to bring more education to the CBD world, Charlie is co-author on another publication about how our own natural Endocannabinoid System interacts and helps us with pain control. Throughout his journey, both before medicine and while practicing medicine, he has accumulated different tools and experiences that allow him to give his patients the best care possible. He understands that each patient is different and has their own unique journey of their health care and will require personalized treatments. Lastly, Charlie understands for a patient to be truly healthy both their physical and psychological health has to be optimized.

Medically Assisted CBD Products

Charlie's YouTube Channel

Check out Charlie’s YouTube channel which features interesting and informative podcast, interviews and educational videos on CBD related topics.

Charlie’s podcasts can also be found on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

The CBD Education Series

Learn about CBD from medical professionals. This informative series provides you with two courses and 54 total levels of lessons.

CBD 301: What Medical Professionals Should Know
A course specific for medical professionals to educate them so they feel comfortable assisting their patients with CBD.

CBD 201: More In Depth Knowledge of CBD (For Both Non-Medical and Medical Professionals)
The CBD industry is growing quickly, but there is a lot of misinformation being spread. Come learn about CBD and how it interacts with your body from a medical professional who understands CBD.

Charlie's Book

Charlie is passionate about educating everyone on the health benefits of CBD. On top of his podcasts, interviews, and articles on the topic, he also wrote a book, “What is CBD? CBD Education From A Medical Professional” that dives into the topic of CBD in depth.

As CBD is gaining in popularity, do you feel comfortable using CBD products?

Come learn from a Board Certified Physician Assistant with years of experience in helping patient’s achieve great results with CBD-based products. Charlie was just featured on “Top Doctor Magazine” for his approach utilizing CBD with his patients.

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