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Sea King CBD Rewards Program

Spend • Earn • Reward

Each and every customer is as important to us as we hope we are to them. If you’ve taken the time to visit Sea King CBD, it’s likely because you are seeking relief for health conditions you are having, want to experience the non-psychoactive health benefits of CBD, or are curious regarding CBD and what it is all about. Whatever your interest, we hope Sea King CBD has the products you are looking for. And here’s some good news.

If you choose to become a Sea King CBD customer, we want to reward you. (Loyalty has its perks.) That’s why we have a generous loyalty rewards program. For every dollar you spend, you will earn loyalty points that can be used on purchases and other rewards.

We truly hope you take advantage of each and every one of these rewards. Keep in mind that you under no obligation to sign up for our program, but if you choose to, you’ll be very happy you did.

Loyalty Reward Points

Below is a table with a brief overview of each reward and the amount of points associated with it. These points can be used toward purchases.*

*Please note new changes to the Rewards part of our Loyalty Program. (10/12/23)

Reward Coupons

When you’ve reached specific point totals you will earn coupons. These coupons can be used to purchase our products or shared. In some cases there are expiry (the end of the period for which something is valid) for special coupons. We will let you know up front what coupons they will apply to, but rest easy in know that all of the points you are accruing will be maintained in your account until you are ready to use them.

The Rules

We want to have a friendly, happy program that everyone will benefit from. But, we do need to lay down a few rules just to make sure everyone’s expectations are clear.

Some of our promotional coupons do expire, but some don’t. It depends on the type of promotion we are running and the conditions of the coupon. For instance, if we have a special promotion where a discount coupon is given out, it may have an expiration date on it.*

But here’s the good news. Any coupon that you earn from your purchases (the ones you earn in the loyalty program) DOES NOT EXPIRE, as long as your account is active (not deleted).

*Please make note of the expiration date of each coupon.

Nope. Your points remain yours unless you choose to share them or delete your account for some reason.

There is a popup that appears to let you know your current point totals.

The points you have earned also appear in your account. Where is your account? It’s that little light green gift box floating around on the left side of each page. Just click it and you will have access to your entire account. You can also see you points on your “My Account” page.

The three stacked lines (often called a hamburger menu) in the upper left hand corner, will reveal several areas of your account when you click on it.

Although we don’t foresee the need for any changes at this time, as with all things sometimes change is necessary and we reserve the right to make changes to this program. If we decide to make any changes to this program we will notify those that are registered in the program plenty of fair notice. However, your points are your points. We will never take them away from you.

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