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We do our best to stay on top of the latest news concerning CBD and hemp. Scientists and researchers are learning so much about phytocannabinoids and their impact on the body. Below are links to articles that we hope you will find worthwhile. Be patient. Stay informed. 

Latest News

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) classifies cannabis, all phytocannabinoids, and synthetics as doping, except for CBD.
(June 6, 2023)

There are limited therapeutic options for individuals with fibromyalgia. The aim of this study is to analyze changes in health-related quality of life and incidence of adverse events of those prescribed cannabis-based medicinal products (CBMPs) for fibromyalgia.
(Revised: 25 April 2023)

Clinical evidence on the use of cannabidiol (CBD) for sleep remains limited. However, the ANA observed that chronic use of 15 mg CBD appears safe and could lead to significant and clinically important sleep improvements.
(February 24, 2023)

A substantial proportion of caregivers of patients with LGS or DS, regardless of age, reported improvements in seizure-related outcomes with CBD treatment.
(April 25, 2023)

Cannabidiol appears to be effective for the treatment of pediatric patients with both genetic and other etiologies of epilepsy. 
(April 25, 2023)

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