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Lots of Research

We spent a lot of time researching different brands and their products. Some of this time was spent looking at the competition and some of it was spent identifying what brands we wanted to purchase. Before we could consider a brand it had to meet specific requirements:

      • Quality: Hemp grown in the USA
      • Purity: Products made in the USA
      • Safety: 3rd party tested
      • Quality Extraction: Gold-standard, CO2 extraction methods
      • Wholesale Purchasing: Great products at great prices

We didn’t want to limit our customers to one brand. At the same time we didn’t want to overwhelm or potentially confuse them with dozens of brands. Instead, we put together a carefully created product mix that offers our customers a variety of brands, different strengths, and several types of CBD products. Each brand has a purpose for being in our mix.

100% Peace of Mind Guarantee

This is our 8 point promise to you. It shows that we put the needs of our customers first. 

You can buy with complete confidence because all of your purchases are backed by our 100% Peace of Mind promise.

Buy With Confidence

Reliable: We buy our own inventory and ship out of our own warehouse. That means we have a good handle on your shipment. It also helps us keep costs down. 

Experienced: Our team has decades of customer support experience from years in retail. We understand how to take care of each and every customer the right way. As a former buyer for specialty and large box retailers, our founder has years of buying experience, which gives us unique insight into how to spot value.

Knowledgeable: Our team has been involved in the CBD industry for over 9 years. We also have over a decade of health and wellness industry experience. Sea King CBD consults with experts who have deep CBD knowledge when necessary.

Trust: We are open and transparent. Because we put the needs of our customers first you can always buy with confidence. Check out our policies and customer support programs at the end of this page. We don’t hide them.

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