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      1. Always Free Shipping: Many other companies and brands have qualifiers when it comes to free shipping. You have to purchase a set amount or subscribe. Sea King CBD includes free shipping no matter how many products you purchase and no matter how much you pay for them.
      2. 3rd Party Tested: All our products are tested and verified by accredited third party laboratories. That means what’s inside the bottle, tube, jar, gel cap, patch or any other container will meet standards for purity and the level of THC will not exceed 0.3% legal limit. The results of these tests, called Certificate of Analysis (COA), can be found on every product page.  
      3. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We want your shopping experience with Sea King CBD to be pleasant and your transactions seamless. That’s why we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are unhappy with your purchase, just let us know and we’ll do everything we can to make it right including refunding your purchase. You can read more specifics about our return policy here.
      4. Best Price Guarantee: We do our best to offer reasonable, competitive prices on premium quality products, but we know there are a LOT of competitors in the marketplace and we watch what they’re doing. But the Internet is a big place and we can’t always catch everything that’s going on out there. If you see a product that we carry (or something similar) let us know. As long as we can verify the price, we’ll match or beat it. The same goes for a promotion or deal you may see somewhere else on a product that we carry (or something similar). We’ll match the deal.
      5. Premium Products: Our buyers have carefully researched and only purchase premium CBD products from vetted, known suppliers who test their products by third party labs, and make their products in the USA. We do not import CBD products and relabel them.
      6. Made In The USA: All our products are sourced, formulated, and made in the USA.
      7. Loyalty Program: We reward loyalty points for each and every purchase our customers make. 
      8. We Care ProgramWe believe in giving to causes that can use a little help. Our first program is what we call “The Water T Project”. Sea King CBD along with our partner noted Midwest artist, Steven J Athanas collaborated on a program that will donate 75% of the profits we make from selling t-shirts to non-profit organizations focusing on preserving and conserving our water. Water Ts have thought-provoking graphics on them created to visually poke people in the eyes while remind them of the importance of preserving and conserving our water.

        But wait…there’s more…

      9. Open and Transparent: Some online CBD stores make it difficult for you to view their policies and programs. Why go on a website treasure hunt to find them? We want you to be completely confident with purchasing from us, so we put them right where you can see them. Click on “About Sea King CBD” and view them near the bottom of the page or click on the policies and programs in our footer to view them.  
      10. Education: If you’re new to CBD we want you to be informed about it so you’ll make purchasing decisions that are right for you. We promise to only share researched topics before we share them with you. We consult with accredited medical practitioners and experts. If you’re an experienced, knowledgeable CBD user, and you’d like to share your knowledge, we encourage you to share it with us by reaching out to us on our contact page
      11. Questions?: If you have any questions feel free to contact us by way of our contact page form. We’ll be more than happy to answer your questions and/or read your comments. Also, check out our growing list of FAQs. You may find the answer(s) you’re looking for there.
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