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The New Phase of H2O Water T

If you support getting our oceans clean and safe for future generations, purchase a Water T. There are several different graphic designs. Each of them communicates a powerful visual message.

      • Printed on 100% cotton
      • Non-toxic inks
      • Unique designs by artist Steven Athanas
      • The front features a special graphic design
      • The back features the words “preserve/conserve”
      • 75% of the net profits from each Water T sale will be donated to relevant non-profits


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Sea King CBD in collaboration with Midwest artist Steven Athanas has launched a series of t-shirts designed to communicate a provocative statement emphasizing water preservation and conservation. Each graphic design is printed on 100% cotton fabric using non-toxic inks. This particular graphic represents Steven’s view of how fouled our oceans have become as a result of the many things being dumped into them.

Initially, 75% of the net profits from the sale of Water Ts will be donated to small non-profit organizations whose efforts are focused on cleaning up beaches and waterfronts. As Water T sales grow, so will our outreach to other non-profit organizations.

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+ - Introducing Sea King CBD's Eco-Friendly "Conserve Water" T-Shirt Collection

At Sea King CBD, we believe in making a positive impact on the world, not just through wellness but also through sustainable fashion. Our latest collection, the "Conserve Water" T-Shirt line, is a testament to our commitment to environmental consciousness without compromising on style and comfort.

+ - Eco-Friendly Fabric

Crafted from premium organic cotton, our "Conserve Water" T-Shirts not only feel soft against your skin but also contribute to water conservation. By choosing sustainable materials, we strive to reduce the ecological footprint of fashion.

+ - Water-Neutral Production

Our production process is designed to be water-neutral, meaning we actively work towards minimizing water usage and waste. By adopting innovative technologies, we aim to set new standards in environmentally responsible manufacturing.

+ - Thoughtful Design

Express your commitment to water conservation with our thoughtfully designed graphics and messages. Each design is a conversation starter, raising awareness about the importance of saving water in our daily lives.

+ - Versatile Style

The "Conserve Water" T-Shirt Collection offers a range of styles, ensuring there's something for everyone. From classic fits to trendy designs, you can effortlessly incorporate sustainability into your wardrobe.

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