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Steven J. Athanas

Steven J. Athanas has been making art professionally for over 40+ years. He has self-published several books of his drawings and “pomes” (his term), as well as having released multiple recordings of his original songs. He received his BA in ArtEd at the University of Toledo and taught in Toledo, Detroit, Baltimore, and West Palm Beach.

Athanas works in both 2D and 3D. His 3D work utilizes refurbished and found items, such as rusty wire and objects from Nature, as well as tissue paper, clay and whatever he can get his hands on.

He has long been making mobiles and other 3D work using various tissue and art papers and attaching them to a wire armature to make fish, birds, human and abstract forms. They can be painted on with acrylics and coated with water-based, non-flammable polyurethane for strength.

He is currently hard at work on a book of his 2D drawings and pomes to be published Summer/Fall 2023 through University Press.

2D Works

Fig. Series


3D Works

Cuppa Lights


Water Is Magic: Preserve and Conserve

We are all “fans” of water to one extent or another. It is absolutely necessary for our existence, that’s a given. Water’s presence is needed not only for the human population, but for plant life, which gives us food, oxygen, shelter and much more. It also provides sustenance for the oceans, lakes, rivers, etc. It seems almost silly in its obviousness to state these things, but it is also necessary to recognize the finiteness of all of this.

I just turned 70 years old this month. Thinking selfishly, it’s probably (operative word) not going to be a problem in my lifetime (although there are definitely places on the planet who are having shortages and other predicaments with this). But more important to me is the fact that I have 2 sons and (forthcoming) grandkids who will have to deal with related issues.

It is for this reason and more that I try to conserve my water consumption. It is an absolute necessity! — Steven J. Athanas

Water T's: Join The Cause

I’m joining forces with Sea King CBD to create some wearables. The first project is called “The Water T’s Project”. Each t-shirt has a distinct message that communicates my passion for preservation and conservation. Each t-shirt will be made from 100% cotton and my drawings will be printed using eco-friendly inks. Our plan is to sell these shirts starting sometime in May. A good portion of the money we make from these sales will be donated to non-profit organizations who are involved in activities that are helping clean up our oceans and shores. We will have more information on this soon. You can find out more about the Water T Project by clicking on the link below.

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