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The Many Benefits of Medicinal Mushrooms

Six percent of edible mushrooms possess medicinal properties, which can help prevent diseases and boost our immune system. Each mushroom has its own set of helpful qualities. For instance Turkey Tail mushrooms, pictured above, also known as “Coriolus versicolor” are loaded with antioxidants, immune-boosting polysaccharopeptides, and clinical studies suggest that they may have immunostimulant and antitumor properties. Shiitake mushrooms present antiviral properties and can reduce serum cholesterol.

Trilogy Fungi tinctures are always full spectrum, created using a special dual extraction process. They are produced from the fruiting bodies of 100% organic mushrooms sourced from Organic suppliers right here in the United States. No grain. No shortcuts. Trilogy Fungi’s dual extraction process obtains the highest level of biologically active compounds to secure the purest, most nutrient-dense formula.

A lot of mushrooms share the same beneficial qualities with one another. Trilogy Fungi likes to group those mushrooms together and share their combined benefits in their products. 

Ttrilogy Fungi’s Mission: Cultivating your optimal wellness.

The Mushroom Lifecycle

The largest known organism on Earth is a mycelial mat of a honey mushroom (Armillaria ostoyae) in eastern Oregon—890 hectares (2,199 acres) and more than 2,000 years old. 

Mycelium-based products are already in the market and include building materials, packaging, clothes, shoes, sustainable leather, skincare products, furniture, and others.

Fungi have been found to help degrade various pollutants from the environment, such as plastic and other petroleum-based products, pharmaceuticals and personal care products, and oil. In fact, Mycelium, which is the root structure of mushrooms are now being used to replace unsustainable materials, such as plastic, synthetic and animal-based products. The products from Mycelium are biodegradable and require less water and land resources to be produced.

In the wild, mushrooms are decomposers and grow on substrates such as trees, stumps, and soil. Each variety of mushroom prefers a specific substrate, as nutrients in these substrates provide the mushroom with vital molecules needed to fully develop their medicinal properties. Mushrooms develop these molecules for various reasons such as trading with other plants around them or defending themselves from competitors.

When the root structure (mycelium) has enough of the correct nutrients, and the conditions are just right, it uses these molecules to grow its reproductive fruit, the mushroom.

Mushroom/CBD combos make perfect sense when you understand their unique properties. Check out the “Marvelous Medicinal Mushrooms” blog post to find out how you can benefit from these combos.

All about Mushrooms: Benefits, Uses, and Cultivation with Maxx Carr

Ever since he was young, Trilogy Fungi Founder Maxx Carr wanted to be a part of something that changed the planet for the better, something that would shift humanity towards a more sustainable future. Learning about mushrooms sparked a passion for him, and Trilogy Fungi is the first chapter of fulfilling his goals.

In this episode, Maxx and Rachel talked about: Maxx’s discovery of mushrooms and how his passion grew into a company, Trilogy Fungi; the relationship, connection, and history of fungi and humans; understanding the disconnect from fungi in Western culture; nutritional and health benefits of mushrooms; mission, vision, and core values of Trilogy Fungi.

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