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A Natural Way to Help Pets Thrive

You want your pet to live their best life. VetCBD’s veterinarian-formulated CBD products are made to do just that. 

All Mammals Have This in Their Bodies

All mammals have an Endocannabinoid System in their bodies (or ECS as it is often referred to). This system is a complicated and intricate system found throughout the body that interacts with many other body systems. It consists of cannabinoid receptors that interact with cannabinoids produced by the body called endocannabinoids. (You can learn more about this marvelous system here.) The important point to understand is that endocannabinoids are crucial for normal daily function.

CBD is a compound found in hemp. form of cannabinoids called phytocannabinoids. They interact with the body to modulate the ECS. CBD is known to have many therapeutic benefits.

Maintain Calming and Mobility

As our pets begin aging, they will experience many changes, from greying hair to loss of mobility, vision and hearing changes, and more susceptibility to medical issues. One of the biggest benefits of CBD for senior pets is its ability to help reduce stress and help improve mobility.

As pets age, they may become more sensitive to changes in their environment or routine, which can lead to increased stress levels. CBD can help provide a calming effect, allowing your pet to relax and feel more at ease.

Another benefit of CBD for senior pets is its joint supporting properties. As pets age, they may experience decreased mobility and may not be as spry as they used to be. CBD can help support joints, providing comfort to support mobility and promote an active lifestyle. 

CBD can also help to improve the overall well-being of senior pets. It can help to improve appetite, boost energy levels, and improve sleep. This can lead to an overall improvement in the quality of life for your aging pet.

Laboratory Testing

VetCBD has been testing their products at an independent third party lab since they started as a company in February of 2015. Consistent, clean medicine is extremely important to them. They triple test VetCBD products for cannabinoid profiles, pesticides, heavy metals, solvents, foreign bodies, and microbiological agents.

Are VetCBD Products Safe to Give My Pet?

The founder and CEO of VetCBD is Dr. Tim Shu, a veterinarian who is dedicated to creating cannabinoid products that are safe and beneficial for pets. Combining his veterinary background and his expertise in medical cannabis, Dr. Shu is the mastermind behind crafting VetCBD’s products which are curated specifically for animals. All VetCBD products have been independently tested by 3rd party labs.

Dr. Shu’s work on cannabis and pets has garnered international attention and has been featured on The Today Show, CNBC, The New York Times, and others.

VetCBD products have been given the NASC Quality Seal, The NASC Quality Seal identifies products from companies that are committed to quality, vigilance, and continuous improvement to promote the well-being of companion animals and horses. 

Safe Dosing

VetCBD tinctures come with a unique dispensing method. Each bottle comes with a syringe that fits into the top of the bottle to draw the amount of CBD your pet needs. Specific use guidelines found on the product pages of our website help you determine the right dose for you pet.

Giving your beloved furry friend a correct dose couldn’t be easier.

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