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A Confusing CBD Marketplace

It’s challenging to be different in a world of “me too” CBD-tailers. One site tends to look the same as the others, brands and products seem similar, and most online markets offer policies that seem similar.

      • Which CBD product will be best for me?
      • What are the differences in each brand and each formula?
      • What separates a good brand and a good product from poor ones?
      • What are the differences between Isolate, Broad Spectrum, and Full Spectrum products?
      • How do you know you’re getting the best quality and best value for your money?

We can understand why anyone might be confused. Sea King CBD seeks to be different.

Are There Really Differences In CBD Products?

Yes, there are differences in brands and formulas. How do you tell which brands are the best? Which formulas are the best? Which ones are the safest and purest? Which CBD products are best for me? These are all good questions.

Premium Quality Hemp: All good CBD products start with premium quality hemp. Cannabis plants absorb heavy metals, pesticides, and other potentially harmful chemicals that may be in the soil or water. Sea King CBD Brand Partners all use premium quality hemp grown in the US.

Extraction Methods: Extraction is used to separate the cannabidiol (CBD) from the hemp plant. The supercritical CO2 method (or supercritical CO2 extraction method) is considered the Gold Standard for extraction. It has been used in the food industry for years. It is highly efficient, safe, quick, and relatively gentle on the active ingredients in the cannabis plant.

Safety and Purity: How do you know which products are safe to use and which ones are the purest in terms of quality?

All Sea King CBD brands are third-party tested. Each product page includes a COA that indicates the results of the testing.

Formulation: There are differences in formulations. Some use CBD Isolate, some use Broad Spectrum CBD, and some use Full Spectrum CBD. There are difference strengths of CBD (how much CBD is in a formula). These are shown on the labels of all products Sea King CBD carries.

Plus, there are compounds of the plant that can be added to any formula. But the maximum amount of THC, the part of the hemp plant that gives a “high” sensation, is limited by law to 0.3% THC.

Be Aware: Make sure you are aware of how many milligrams are in the CBD product you are thinking about buying. Again, the labels on each product that Sea King CBD sells indicate how many total milligrams can be found in them and how many are in each dose. Decide on the purpose for taking CBD.

No Worries: We Do The Shopping For You

We spent a lot of time researching different brands and their products. Some of this time was spent looking at the competition and some of it was spent identifying what brands we wanted to purchase. Before we could consider a brand it had to meet specific requirements:

      • Quality: Hemp grown in the USA
      • Purity: Products made in the USA
      • Safety: 3rd party tested
      • Quality Extraction: Gold-standard, CO2 extraction methods
      • Wholesale Purchasing: Great products at great prices

We didn’t want to limit our customers to one brand. At the same time we didn’t want to overwhelm or potentially confuse them with dozens of brands. Instead, we put together a carefully created product mix that offers our customers a variety of brands, different strengths, and several types of CBD products. Each brand has a purpose for being in our product mix.

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