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A Warm Welcome

If you are a new visitor to Sea King CBD, we want to extend a big “HELLO” to you. We’re happy you found us and hope your experience is everything we mean for it to be. If you’re one of our current customers, “welcome back”. That must mean we’re doing things right. We are very grateful for your business. Some of you may be wondering just who we are, what we do, what our history is, and why we chose to jump into the CBD retailing.

Who We Are: Our Name and Identity

Sea King CBD is an online CBD retailer that sells select brands of CBD products at competitive prices.

Some find our name curious. It’s a play on words. Did you catch the double entendre? Sea King CBD — Seeking CBD. Get it?  We hope it helps everyone remember us. We also wanted something that tied into water.

The trident of Poseidon, King of the Sea, overlaid on the “waves” is a reminder to how important water is to all of us. “Hey, without water, we don’t exist and neither will hemp, right?” 

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