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Xite Edibles is owned and operated by Patsy’s Original Candies, one of the oldest family owned and operated chocolate factories in the world. With Patsy’s world-famous recipes and new legislation around Cannabis, Xite is proud to offer the best tasting and most effective legal THC edibles in the world!

Patsy’s is built on the core principals of being honest and trustworthy, and with those principals they’ve built their Xite Edibles brand to what it is today. That’s why Xite guarantees their infused edibles to be accurately labeled, dosed appropriately, and of course they taste delicious!

Why Pair CBD with Chocolate?

There are several reasons why chocolates are the most popular form of edibles to consume. The taste and variety of chocolates is at the top for reasons why chocolate edibles are the best. With what started as a delicious candy and chocolate company, now merged into delicious edibles, Xite took their time crafting only the best chocolate edibles on the market.

Chocolates have flavonoids that enhance and work well with terpenes and cannabinoids. Chocolate is oil based as is the Full Spectrum distillate used allowing it to bind to the fats of the chocolates for better absorption once consumed. To know your edible has terpenes, you want your edible to have a subtle floral taste. While this isn’t everyone’s favorite taste, chocolate blends well with that floral flavor making for a delicious treat.

Why Consume Edibles

CBD edibles most commonly come in the form of foods and candies that have been infused with cannabis. Consuming edibles delivers cannabinoids to the body through the gastrointestinal system, which allows for a more gradual absorption than some other types of CBD. The popularity of edibles has increased over recent years as more people recognize its potential benefits.

Edibles also last longer in your system. When you eat edibles, it takes longer for your body to digest them — anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours after eating an edible, you’ll feel its effects kick in. Eating edibles give users more control over how much they consume because they know exactly how many milligrams of THC are entering their bodies.

Xite Fused Edibles

Xite creates their own products from start to finish. You can rely on their safety because all products are third party lab tested and accurately labeled. All products are Full Spectrum CBD and contain terpenes and cannabinoids.

This may not sound like a lot but when you add 15 mg of THC to edibles such as a chocolate bar, the weight of the candy far outweighs the weight of the THC molecules allowing the THC percentage to be less than 0.3% THC.

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